Name:Arissa Roth
UTAU Project/Group:None
WIP or Complete?WIP XD
Age and/or Debut Date:15 O.o
Character Item:
Bade Nal(Body guard/care taker)
Brief Physical Description:
Hair as Human:Gray fading to Light crimson
Eyes when calm: Black with blue,pink and white colored stars in them
Likes:Reading though she likes playing video games as well.Walking around town.Rough housing(other rough stuff too).
Dislikes:Rude obnoxious people. Too many emotions at once. seeing others in pain. School.Idiots.
Well I guess humans what little are left in my time call me a test tube child. I was made by a scientist in Greece, Im not sure where I was never told,My Mother, well I have two. Rachael Roth,know in her time as Raven, And Nura Nal,she was known as Dreamer she died recently in an accident not sure what happened i just know shes dead. The two's DNA was mixed into a fertilized human egg and i was grown from there I know my creator is human hes the only one ive ever met that is full human. His Companion is a mix of the princess Starfire and the changling Beast Boy though she looks more like starfire with beast boy's emotions,Shes the one who has taught me what it is to be a "normal girl",Up until a year ago my creator taught me everything i need to know about humans and the others that inhabit earth.Now im being sent to a high school that most teen hmm... how to put it? heros I guess. a few humans are there I was given the alias Arissa so i could be a "normal" child I was also given contacts that I got to choose the color raven had when you saw her eyes at least. When i was 16 I was given a younger brother. Adain Roth. He was mixed like me. and like me his age was sped up he is 16.Soon after our creator was attacked and I attacked the one who harmed him but... letting those emotions through Trigon came through me using me as a protal into this human realm. all i remeber after is the blood on my hands and bade holding me...
We now live in Kyoto well i do. Bade is with our creator caring for him.
I still wonder if Adian is okay... I miss him..

The part she doesnt know.

She attacked and killed many people though not remembering she attacked her younger brother there was no way of knowing it was Arissa at the time she was so transformed due to trigon's influence. I,Bade Nal, was able to save her brother i sent him to my home in Tokyo, Japan with my family to be taken care of... and til this day Arissa Searches for her brother worrying if he is alive or not after the incedent. I can not tell her hes alive just yet I must make sure trigon cannot pass through her again make sure she is stable with her new powers. but i fear he will look for her before the time has come.

Bade Nal

Name:Bade Nal
Voicer:Searching for a Donor
UTAU Project/Group:None might be making one xD
WIP or Complete?WIP
Age and/or Debut Date:25 (looks 19)
Weight:150ish? iunno
Character Item:none yet
Arissa Roth(Charge)
Brief Physical Description:
Hair: White fading to artic blue
Eyes: Might be changing but atm Deep ocean blue
Likes:Spending time with her, reading,watching tv,playing games,going ot the shooting range,watching her smile
Dislikes:Seeing her cry. watching the world fall apart..

His personality is mainly a ladies man when hes not protecting Arissa. he can be very serious or fun loving depending on the situation.
He is a DNA experimented Human to gain strength aside from his powers from his ancestors. At the age of 19 his aging was slowed to match that of his charge,arissa,He was hired to raise and protect her and that is what he does. though she runs of or beats on him some times He is loyal to the job he was given six years ago.

Name:Persephone Heartless
Voicer:Eternal Melodies
UTAU Project/Group:Infinite Nocturn(for the moment)
WIP or Complete?W.I.P just need art
Age and/or Debut Date:15 (born December 6 3160
Character Item:
Arissa Roth(Sister)
Bade Nale(body guard/care taker)
Mugen(Not so secret crush)

Brief Physical Description:She is skinny and considered lolli even at the age of fifteen. She has Silver eyes and white hair fading to soft pink.
Personality:Innocent and sweet. She is very trusting and loving. Complete opposite of her twin sister Arissa.she is soft spoken and shy mostly letting her sister speak for her.
Persephone is a Goddess while Arissa is a Hell raven. She unlike arissa is a very happy person. The twins are both dna children. Though Persephone was mixed with the blood of the gods at birth she was taken from her creators due to the God's belife she was too powerful to be a human's creation. Though living with the gods she fell inlove with a mortal on a jouney to the human world with her "mother". Running away to be with this human she ran into Arissa and Bade who told her her past with this she pleaded to stay on earth even giving her sight to stay with the one she loved though this love has never been revealed... Persephone will never walk amoung the gods nor see again. Though as the time passed she learned to feel the energy around her and see people one touch with them she can see every detail of their looks. Soon bade, Arissa,and sephie were thrown into the past upon the call of Aline's boys Mugen and Deon though their resoning is unknown this severed the ties from their live's in the future. Now in a time she know little about and no way home she lives life as best she can.

Voicebank Link:working on oto
Wikia Entry Link:._. someone do it XD jkjk

Voice Samplessoon

Lullaby Yuju

VB Link: ACT 1 Act2:In progress.
Short Info about Lullaby She is sweet and kind to friends and loved ones. Though she was locked away with her brother for many years she is very innocent and naiive in the ways of the world. She can be a bit sexual without noticing it and is slightly clingy if shes inlove with someone.

Rhapsody Yuju

VB:Gender Bent Lullaby.(still working on flags and such) Personality:He is completely opposite of his sister's happy-go-lucky Personality. He is calm stern and very level headed he thinks through every situation and out come before acting upon anything. He is so over protective of Lullaby it took him months to get used to her relationship with Tesuto.

Persephone Heartless

VBlink: ACT 1 Personality:Innocent and sweet. She is very trusting and loving. Complete opposite of her twin sister Arissa.she is soft spoken and shy mostly letting her sister speak for her.

Bade Nal

VB:N/A VOicer:Currently looking for one. Personality: His personality is mainly a ladies man when hes not protecting Arissa. he can be very serious or fun loving depending on the situatio

Arissa Roth

VB:In progress Voicer:Lenexia Personality:She is the opposite of Sephie. Very out spoken and strong. Since she grew up differently from her sister. Shes Cold and distant unless she likes you and if sephie is hurt she will be out for blood