Uh.. Hi Im Arissa the creator of Rhapsody,Lullaby,Bade,Arissa,and Persephone.
Im not as social as most but ^^ I try to be. Umm Im not really sure what to put here but I am currently working on getting a voicer for bade nal. and My otos for persephone and lullaby should be done soon. I will post up the links when they are done. I still need art for Lullaby act 2 and rhapsody. So im behind on schedule a bit but ill try to get back on XD Well ummm I need to end this cause im out of things to say.

Contacting me.


Lullaby Yuju

VB Link: ACT 1 Act2:In progress.
Short Info about Lullaby She is sweet and kind to friends and loved ones. Though she was locked away with her brother for many years she is very innocent and naiive in the ways of the world. She can be a bit sexual without noticing it and is slightly clingy if shes inlove with someone.

Rhapsody Yuju

VB:Gender Bent Lullaby.(still working on flags and such) Personality:He is completely opposite of his sister's happy-go-lucky Personality. He is calm stern and very level headed he thinks through every situation and out come before acting upon anything. He is so over protective of Lullaby it took him months to get used to her relationship with Tesuto.

Persephone Heartless

VBlink: ACT 1 Personality:Innocent and sweet. She is very trusting and loving. Complete opposite of her twin sister Arissa.she is soft spoken and shy mostly letting her sister speak for her.

Bade Nal

VB:N/A VOicer:Currently looking for one. Personality: His personality is mainly a ladies man when hes not protecting Arissa. he can be very serious or fun loving depending on the situatio

Arissa Roth

VB:In progress Voicer:Lenexia Personality:She is the opposite of Sephie. Very out spoken and strong. Since she grew up differently from her sister. Shes Cold and distant unless she likes you and if sephie is hurt she will be out for blood